Currently not accepting new training clients into our Walk|Train program


Corvallis Dog Runner offers personalized training through our Walk|Train program. I work one-on-one with both you and your dog, 3 days a week for one hour. This program is a great for a busy household or to expedite training process. Training sessions are completed in your home, your neighborhood, pet friendly stores and local hiking trails. Combining training and exercise is a great way to meet both your dog's needs and goals. By committing to our 2 or 4 week programs, we will help your dog have consistency and stay on schedule with their training. After each session, notes and videos/photographs will be sent documenting the training progress.

After completing the Initial Training Consult, you may purchase the Walk|Train package which comes with 3 sessions a week. The first two sessions each week will  will be one on one training walks with your dog. The last session each week will be with both owner and dog to discuss goals, training techniques and to receive instruction. 

This program is recommended for dogs who are anxious or reactive in public and on leash.

Walk|Train Program

2 WEEKs (6 sessions)- $330

4 WEEKS (12 sessions)- $640

3 times per week, 1 hour sessions