We keep our classes smaller (3-4 dogs) so you and your dog get more personal instruction. Our classes meet once a week and include a online course to keep you on track during the week.

All classes are run on a rolling schedule, meaning you can don't have to wait a month to join! Life happens, whether that be vacation, illness or a tough week at work, rolling schedule allows you to make up the class you missed at a later date (rules apply). You must register for class before, no drop ins.

Classes starting April 4



canine enrichment class


Looking for some new games and activities to help bond with your dog? This class is designed to encourage a creative and thoughtful partnership between the owner and the dog through free shaping activities and enrichment games. This class is designed for handlers that are looking for activities to mentally stimulate the dog or to incorporate into their daily life for continued enrichment. The owner should be prepared to encourage their dog to problem solve and train in a way that leads to free thinking, confidence and creativity. This class is open for dogs from 6 months to senior.

Thursday's | 7:30-8:30pm

Benton County Fairgrounds

Per Session- $20



Puppy class

This class is designed for dogs 8 weeks to 5 months in age. While it focuses on socialization and exposure and building confidence- there is a heavy emphasis on relationship and partnership building. The class encompasses basic behaviors, engagement and focus as well as building motivation. The owner should prepare to learn how their handling skills affects the dog's learning process and how to adjust their handling to let their puppy succeed. This class includes 5 weeks of Puppy Enrichment Playgroup. 

Wednesday's | 6-7pm

Benton County Fairgrounds

5 Sessions- $125


Puppy Enrichment Playgroup (up to 5 months)

This class may be the most important class for your puppy, 8 weeks to 5 months in age. We help navigate playtime and breaks in a safe setting, creating socially confident puppies that are ready for new situations and meeting new people and dogs. This class includes the beginnings of recall, working on arousal levels and basic husbandry stills. We recommended coming to this class in addition to the Puppy Class, however they can not be taken on the same night to avoid over arousal and exhaustion. 

Thursday's | 5:15-5:45pm

Benton County Fairgrounds

$10- Per Session


Adolescent class (6 -12 months)

The adolescent class is designed for puppies 6 months to a year in age. The class has a alternative twist than most typical obedience classes in that it focuses on continued focus and engagement work and preventative training to instill confidence and relaxation around other dogs and arousing environments. Class activities include training calmness with exciting scenarios, working closely around other dogs and people, as well as working through problem adolescent behaviors. These behaviors include jumping, over arousal and leash frustration or focus issues.

Thursday's | 6-7pm

Benton County Fairgrounds

5 Sessions- $125



adult class(1 year - senior)

Our adult training class is designed for dogs 1 year or older. This class will focus on proofing and improving the partnership between the dog and owner, while also building handler skill and thoughtfulness during training. The class will challenge the handler to build on the dog's preexisting skills and knowledge while taking it to the next level of distraction, duration and difficulty. Activities will include loose leash walking, working closely around other dogs, people and high levels of distractions.

Wednesday's | 7:30-8:30pm

Benton County Fairgrounds

5 Sessions- $125